Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love a movie where the girl tells the guy that his cheeks are adorable and that she wants to fuckin' chew on them, and where the guy tells the girl that her face is so pretty that he wants to smash it in with a sledgehammer. I think it's hilarious.
Also, I just noticed that the picture on this blog is very appropriate. I do have the habit of biting my lower lip a lot.

My Favourites

Here's a truism- there are certain things that you keep going back to. They are known as your favourite things. They don't actually have to be things, they could be people too. Then they become your favourite people. To exercise precision- there are certain things and certain people you keep going back to- they are known as your favourites. You don't always favour them above all others. For example, I am not always in the mood for The Beatles. My best friend and I don't always like talking to each other. But like the Beatles, I know that my need for her company will continue throughout my life. A thing becomes your favourite when it recognises a permanent need in you, and fulfills that need. I say permanent, because, quite obviously, people change, and concomitantly, their needs change. But you see, your favourites recognise early on that indelible part of you that refuses to change, no matter what. Which is why, it is important to have favourites, to like certain things above others, to love some people a little more. To distinguish the delible from the indelible.
Woohoo! Delible is a word!