Friday, October 9, 2009

This is from the A.O. Scott's review on the movie "Whip It" in the New York Times:

"The leader of the rival squad, Iron Maven, Bliss’s nemesis, is played by Juliette Lewis, whose scenes with Ms. Page have an extra dimension of pop-culture resonance, since Ms. Lewis was the Ellen Page of an earlier era."

Ms. Page here is Ellen Page. I know that I would feel the pop-culture resonance that A.O. Scott spoke about, and now I want to see the movie just to see two women, who personified the whip-smart but awkward girl in two different eras, interact with each other. The funny thing is that Juliette Lewis was Juliette Lewis before I was old enough to appreciate who she was or what she represented. Which is to say that I have only a second-hand memory of the cultural significance of an actress, and I can still appreciate how she fits into pop culture, despite the fact that we are talking about the pop culture of an earlier generation. Which is to say that I watch too many movies and spend too much time on Wikipedia.